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Exclusive Services

we prefer pre-stretched extensions.

Our services do not include extensions as they must be bought separately

We also sell all types of hair extensions and other hair care needs such as:

-Oils treatment

-Edges control

-Sleep caps






-Hair decorations




Regular Single braids: $120 and up

Small boxbraids: $200 and up

Knotless braids: $150 and up

Meduim bohemian braids: $200 and up

Meduim knotless braids: $180 and up

Small knotless braids :$250 and up

Jumbo knotless: $140 and up

Twist braids Jumbo: $160 and up

Butterfly locs : $250 and up

Twist meduium :$180 and up

small Twist : $250 and up

Single braids jumbo $140 and UP

Pick and drop braids: $180 and up

fulani braids: $200 and up

Crochet: $120 and up

Crochet NP: $140

Soft locs: $250 and up

Individual Crochet: $200 and up

Leave Sewing: $100 and up

full closure sewing: $140 and up

Two French braids: $50

Large feeding braids: $100 and UP

Small feeding braids: $120 and UP

Braids for under wigs: $40

MICRO Braids: $500 and up

French curl: $250 and up




Men conrows braids: $50 and UP

4-6 braids: $50

Westcoast: $70 and up

Men single braids (if has a fade) $70

Men single braids( full head) $80 and up

2 strange twist: $70 and up

Men Cornrow removal $15

Single Braid removal ( MEN)$20

Blow-dry $15

Wash and blow-dry $30

Kids braids: $50 and UP

Kids single braids: $80 and UP

LOCS FOR Men/Women


Dreadlocks re-twist $100 and up

dreadlocks from scratch $300 and up



Wigs install: $100 and up

Hand made Wig: $120 and up

Weave leave: $100 an up

Large Ghana weaving: $90 and up

Micro bead extensions: $300 and up

fusion extensions $300 and UP

Tapes extensions $300 and up

Let's Work Together

  • Prices listed are starting prices and may change based on hair length and density.

  • Additional charges may apply for the use of any hot tools in addition to standard blow-dry services

  • To obtain the most precise service quotes, we encourage you to take advantage of the complimentary consultation

Cancellation policy 

Cancellation Policy: cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.

Failing to call and reschedule or cancel your appointment denies other clients the ability to book their own appointment. We respectfully ask that all cancellations / rescheduling requests be done at least 24 hours before the originally scheduled appointment time. If you cancel an appointment 3 times with less than 24 hours notice you will be charged $100 on the 3rd time and anytime thereafter, You will be required to pay such charge before moving forward with your future appointments and failure to pay will result in the cancelation . we do not do refunds after the stylist is done and, the client does not state that he/ she is not pleased with the outcome and waiting a day seeking for a refund. we can only guarantee a touch up within a day or so, the hair was done and , If the clients requires the whole hair to be touched up, that will result to making a new payment for a new hair done.

Bad behavior and rudeness to a staff WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! We reserve the right to refuse services please be respectful or you will be asked to leave.

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Wash: $25 and UP

Blow dry: $35 and UP

Wig care: $40 and up

Wigs treatment: $60 and up

hair treatment , cholesterol, protein: $60 and up


Weave removal: $30

Single braid removals: $50 and up

Cornrows removal $30 and up

Crochet removal $30 and up

Detangling:$30 and up

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